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6 TOTAL Winners - One Grand Prize

• Enter Your Recipe Using Door County Coffee as an ingredient
• Up to $2,300 in prizes to be awarded
NEW for 2016: One 1st Place Winner will be an automatic Preferred Qualifier for the 2016 World Food Championships with $1300 in fees & travel expenses covered!

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Here at Door County Coffee, we just LOVE hanging out in the kitchen and making awesome, tasty, recipes! Since 1993, we have made some pretty great recipes in our cafe, from our Famous Homemade Soups to our Triple Layer Brownies and Egg Bakes! Oh, and let's not forget the drinks! Every year we create new and delicious coffee drink recipes! And so much more...

We hope you enjoy the Door County Coffee Online Recipe Collection! You will find some recipes from our kitchens here at the cafe in Door County, along with the recipes that many of you have shared with us! Explore, make recipes, and enjoy!

Recipes 1 - 12 of 12

Recipes 1 - 12 of 12

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