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Springtime Baking With Door County Coffee

April 10, 2020 - Door County Coffee Blog
Springtime Baking with Door County Coffee

Spring is in the air! That means sunny and 50 one minute, then a quick snow shower the next! But even with the unpredicted weather, Spring is the perfect time to bake with fresh, fun flavors! From our beloved Blueberry cobbler to Churro, Orange Crème and S’mores, we have recipes for them all! We have put together our very favorite recipes that use our Spring and Summer flavored coffees and we hope you have as much fun making them as we did!

Raspberry Almond Layer Cake: This cake has more steps than your average boxed mix, but boy is it worth it! Layers of moist cake, raspberry filling and cream cheese – sign us up!

Baked Blueberry Coffee Cristo: This sandwich is a fun new twist on a classic. It is a super fun addition to your East Brunch menu, or just a sunny Saturday afternoon!

S’mores Liquor: All the flavors of your favorite summertime campfire treat AND liquor? We are in! This is so good on a warm night around the campfire. Eating real s’mores simultaneously is recommended!

Churro Oat Bread: Have you been looking for a fun new bread, than has multiple ways to use it? Look no further! This bread has all the best flavors of oat and cinnamon, making it perfect for everything from French toast to grilled cheese!

Orange Crème Coffee Pops: Looking for the world’s easiest recipe, to make the world’s most delicious popsicle?! We have it right here! These simple pops are easy and SO refreshing!

Lemon Shortbread Coffee Cookies: With all the best flavors of lemon and buttery delicious shortbread, these cute cookies are a winner with everyone! The are so bright and fresh, they will be gone faster than you can even get them off the pan!

We hope these recipes bring you and your loved ones as much joy a they have brought our team here at Door County Coffee! Whether you are making them just for you, or for your very favorite people, we hope you find joy in the process and even more so in the eating – we all know that is the best part! Cheers!