Frosting on the Cake Flavored Coffee

Everyone likes frosting! In fact, I remember as a little kid waiting patiently as my mom finished baking a cake, making the frosting in the mixing bowl – and then anxiously watching her pull the beaters out of the freshly made frosting. She always knew I wanted to lick the frosting that was dripping off the beaters – and I think she got a little bit of enjoyment watching me squirm before finally handing me one and watching me ‘have at it!’ Oh! I loved eating the frosting I think even more than I enjoyed eating the final cake!

This coffee is our way of remembering those wonderful times. Our Frosting on the Cake Flavored Coffee™ has that flavor that is just like that frosting dripping off the mixing beaters. But, this time there are no calories to worry about! So, sip away and enjoy!