Spazzacamino Coffee SabayonSpazzacamino Coffee Sabayon

Spazzacamino Coffee Sabayon

By: Jeffrey - Bahama, NC - 2016 Recipe Contest

"Spazzacamino is a really simple italian dessert, because it is just a splash of alcohol, gelato, and a dusting of espresso. For it to be good you need all the ingredients to the best. You cannot use inferior coffee for this dessert because it has to shine. I love the idea of sabayon, because it is a warm sauce to go with ice cream and not heavy like a fudge or caramel. Using a coffee sabayon in a spazzacamino just gives the dish the extra push of coffee and who doesn't like a little more coffee flavor in a dessert."

This is a Door County Coffee Fan recipe. It was not made in the kitchens of the Door County Coffee Cafe.

Featured ingredient: Colombian Coffee 10 oz. Bag Ground

  • 6 oz. Freshly brewed Door County Coffee Colombian coffee
  • 4 Egg yolks
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1/4 cup Kahlua (optional Rum)
  • Chocolate Gelato
  • 1 tablespoon Fine Grind or Extra Fine Grind Door County Coffee Colombian coffee


  1. Brew fresh coffee then allow it to cool, next begin whisking it together with the egg yolks and sugar in a metal bowl.
  2. Place this mixture in the top of a double boiler pan on medium heat, and beat it with whisk until fluffy. Continue to beat the mixture, and slowly add the Kahlua as you continue to mix.
  3. Continue beating until the volume of the mixture triples. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes off the heat before plating.
To Plate:
  1. Spoon Sabayon in the bottom of a serving dish, place two large scoops of Chocolate Gelato and then dust the gelato with Finely Ground Door County Coffee Colombian coffee to finish.